Technical support services

Technical support services

Business support services

The purpose of the business support services is to ensure that the capacity of the target entities, producer groups, markets intermediaries and selected SACCOs is strengthened for business and enterprise development so as to increase their ability to utilize the rural finance products offered.

Financial graduation

Financial graduation is aimed at poor households that are unable to access financial services because of lack of skills and productive assets and qualify for the government social transfer assistance.

The BOMA Model-2 years of sequenced interventions

The Financial Graduation Model is set up towards challenging the frontiers of poverty reduction by targeting the ‘ultra – poor’.
An integrated transitional methodology applying a 5 – step approach aimed at transitioning the extremely poor population into viable – sustainable livelihoods.
The Graduation approach targets the ‘bottom – half’ of the populations living below the poverty line i.e., those that live on less than $1.25 a day as their household income