Our Model

We pursue a development model that is holistic, inclusive, scalable and sustainable.


We support pilot impact programmes that address fundamental challenges of poverty along our target value chains around four areas;

1)  Rural financial inclusion and outreach

2) Rural agricultural productivity and production

3) Financial graduation

4) Linkages to markets

In order to achieve maximum synergy in the delivery of our impact programmes, we partner with financial institutions, producer groups and SMEs to promote access to rural finance through value chain financing.


Our poverty alleviation focus is informed by our stakeholders’ needs, financial inclusion, constraint in the financial markets; and targeting small holder farmers, the women, youth and the ultra-poor.


Our interventions are supported by research and innovations that generate new knowledge which is applied in replicating and scaling up successful approaches.


Our approach is designed in a such way to ensure continuity of output and outcomes beyond the life of the programme by ensuring that the markets work for the poor.